A downloadable game for Windows

Become the Master of your very own Dojo!

  • Create your own character and begin the path of a Dojo Master
  • Attract students to your Dojo: train them and create a thriving school
  • Boost your reputation to attract stronger pupils and make a name for yourself
  • Use turn based combat that requires Strategy, Skill, and Reflexes
  • Travel the world to learn Elemental Magic and Defeat other Dojos
  • Battle Other Player's Dojos for Fame and Glory
  • An Original (and sometimes Comedic) Main Story to go along with Randomly Generated Content
  • Select one of your Students to be your successor should you ever Perish

This is A Rogue-lite RPG Experience mixed with farm/dojo/people management!

This demo was originally a prototype created for the 2018 IGMC! While still in early stages, it gives a glimpse of things to come, and introduces you to the world. The game currently progresses along a general storyline with some randomly generated elements. There is an asynchronous online battle system so you can fight against other players. Explore as much of the world that is available to you, there are some secrets hidden about that may make things easier if you're having a tough time!

While it is only a prototype created in 1 month and I have a laundry list of things to add and improve, please leave any comments you have about the game, positive or negative! I'd love to hear feedback, as well as any ideas for improvements people may have. Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded "Dojo Master.exe" folder to a directory of your choice (I recommend C:\Program Files\Super Fun Games). Run "Dojo Master.exe".


Dojo Master.zip 203 MB


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Great game! Definitely one I can see myself playing for a month or so. My only problem was this bug (see image). At first, pressing F5 solved the problem, and I was able to play for about an hour, then the same bug came up again. It was okay for a few minutes then after that, it kept reuccuring no matter what I do: be it challenge my students, leave the dojo, or clean up rocks. If you're still working on this I hope you can resolve this bug. This was a pretty good game and I look forward to more of it. My character and my students all made it to level 4 by Day 25.


Hey, thanks for playing this and thanks for reporting the bug! I'm so happy you've enjoyed it! I'm still working on this, actually planning on releasing an updated demo sometime later this month (hopefully sooner rather than later, just been busy with life & work stuff) with some more features.  Be sure to follow me so you get notified when the update is released, I have some big plans for it! Thanks again for playing, your comment really picked up my mood :)

Alright! Following now. Hooray for updates~

fun game lots of potential here. you plan on doing any updates?

Yes, many! Shortly after the Game Jam is over, I'll have some general updates and additions made to round out the demo and provide more gameplay. Once that foundation is complete, I'll continue working on the main storyline while balancing and polishing up gameplay elements based on player feedback. Expect to see the first update in a few weeks (depending on Game Jam results)